Welcome to

 Eastside Baptist Church's

Awana Ministry!

Core Values

GOSPEL CENTRED: We believe The Gospel should be shared often and with urgency. Awana materials build on the Gospel in an age-appropriate matter. Leaders are trained to share The Good News as part of their planned events and in everyday conversations with kids. Whether a child comes for one night or every night, they will hear the Good News of Jesus. 

FOCUSED ON SCRIPTURE: The Word of God can be used for both knowing about God, or to really know God. The former is God’s desire and this is why at Awana we want leaders to help kids understand scripture. Great leaders will help kids memorize scripture and also understand its meaning in their lives. Kids will be impacted in both their heads and their hearts. 

FUN AND EXCITING: We want kids to remember the hours spent in church as among the happiest of their lives. Play that is age-appropriate and safe is helpful in forming friendships with peers, as well as leaders. Great leaders encourage everyone to participate because they know that team games promote healthy self-esteem, and being a member of a team creates a sense of belonging. 

PARENT PARTNERSHIP: Parents have an important role to play when it comes to modeling and teaching faith, but what happens when parents are not prepared for conversations about The Gospel or Jesus? Whether parents are engaged in the faith of their children or not, we want to encourage special and sometimes simple moments for parents and children to journey together. 

BUILT ON STRONG LEADERSHIP: Awana trains and equips leaders to authentically share Jesus through meaningful relationships. We believe that truth and love belong together and Jesus gave us the perfect example of that. He was the master mentor; He taught His disciples through His love and friendship and He journeyed with them as they grew in their relationship with God. Great leaders are trained to follow this example